'Paper Towns' Movie Trailer Is Here... And It's Enchanting [Video]

The long-awaited Paper Towns official movie trailer has debuted in glorious HD from 20th Century Fox, and the YouTube video is going viral. The Paper Towns trailer is racking up the views and more than 4,000 thumbs up ratings in minutes.

Based on a novel by John Green, the third one from the author of the much-loved The Fault in Our Stars, which also became a movie, Paper Towns is being hailed as a different type of film, not some lazy sequel to The Fault in Our Stars that found the author resting on his laurels.

No, Paper Towns brings to life the tale of Quentin and the long-suffering torch he has held for his neighbor, Margo, who is anything but the typical girl next door. After pinning away for Margo for years and being largely ignored, Quentin becomes the center of her world on one magical evening, when she carts him all around their "paper town" with fake "paper people" who look worse up close when you examine them, says the heroine. Margo has Quentin help her exact revenge on her cheating boyfriend and then mysteriously disappears, leaving police questioning her disappearance and launching Quentin on a life-altering quest with his friends to find the girl that loved mysteries, leaving clues, and having the boy next door chase after her to prove his undying love.

The Paper Towns trailer on YouTube currently enjoys the views that videos receive when going viral, with the thumbs up and down ratings telling the real tale of its popularity. The Paper Towns snippet video was watched by John Green, along with hundreds of his largest supporters, reports MTV News, showing the hashtag #PaperTownsReacts as the go-to hashtag for reviews.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the Paper Towns author's successful The Fault in Our Stars almost missed getting turned into a film, a decision no doubt fans of Green are surely glad was reversed, especially in light of the hubbub surrounding his new movie. Overall, Green is praised for placing teenagers in smart situations with great dialogue -- scenes that don't merely reflect the typical get-drunk-on-the-weekends type of fare, but roles that involve tackling deep subjects, like cancer or missing teenagers.

[Image via Paper Towns on YouTube]