Listen to the Octomom 911 Calls

Nadya Suleman, best known as the “Octomom”–the mother of 14 who recently gave birth to octuplets–threatened to kill herself in a call to 911, new recordings reveal. Police have released tapes of numerous calls placed to 911 by Suleman back in October, when she was pregnant with the eight babies.

The Octomom 911 Calls

The Octomom 911 calls, which were routed to police in Whittier, Calif., included eight separate incidents to which officers responded. In one call, Suleman indicated she couldn’t find her 5-year-old son, saying: “Oh God, I am gong to kill myself.” She repeated the phrase twice more, after which the 911 operator told Suleman to get herself under control for the benefit of her other children.

“Help me!” Suleman later said. “My son is missing! I’m going crazy!”

Her son, it turned out, was out walking around the block with his grandmother.

Another call coming from the household was seemingly placed by one of the children. A young boy told 911 operators he was in charge.


Suleman is set to start bringing her new children home this week. She insists she was only “a little anxious” when placing the 911 calls, saying much of the tension came from complications with the pregnancy.

Octomom 911 Tapes

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