Gang Members Using ‘Community Guns’

The saying “sharing is caring” has a whole new meaning in many gang infested parts of the United States where gang bangers are taking to the streets while using “community” guns that are free for the taking.

Perhaps it’s a sign of a bad economy but in many case more communal gun programs are starting. According to one Bronx assistant DA:

“The gangs are younger, and their resources are less.”

Even with the guns emerging more often a New York investigator told the New York Times that it still surprises investigators to learn of the communal gun program:

“We get a lot more ballistic matches than we ever have before. It’s amazing. You go, how the hell did that match up to that shooting?”

In the meantime State Senator Malcolm A. Smith points out that the type of organization gang members are engaging in could make them good producing members for the business community:

“You have a business model behind this concept, a schedule, which is a shame. If they used that intellect for something positive, who knows how successful that person could be?”

While from an economic standpoint the program likely makes sense to gang members, a simple arrest on attempted murder could lead to a life in prison when a communal gun is confiscated and matched to prior shootings that the arrested gang member may have had no part in.

When gang members are sharing guns to cut back on expenses we know the economy still has a long way to recovery.