McDonald’s Customer Leaps Over Counter, Chokes And Punches Worker Due To Over-Charge

Fast food order mix-ups are frustrating, but very common. You’re getting what you pay for — fast food. That doesn’t mean that workers shouldn’t strive to do their very best, but even when they do, mistakes in busy restaurants are bound to happen.

One customer in Georgia was definitely not of that mindset when he was accidentally overcharged for his order. Before the worker even had a chance to make it right, the customer leapt over the counter, tightened his hands around the cashier’s throat, and close-fist punched the cashier in the face, as other patrons and workers frantically dialed 911.

Willis Mann “lost his cool” after his order was rung up wrong, and rather than politely point out the error, he committed an assault that could have been deadly. Thankfully, the cashier suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and Mann was arrested with felony aggravated assault. A police officer that responded and arrested the man said he was just astonished at the turn of events.

“It’s crazy. I don’t know what this world is coming to. I really don’t.”

The customers there agreed, saying the incident was truly frightening, to the point that they were not sure the victim would initially survive, the man was so enraged. Patrons pointed out that accidents happen all the time, and are no reason to become so angry.

Unfortunately, this is not the only food-and-beverage brawl of late at McDonald’s. In December, a man pulled a gun on a worker when he forgot to include a hamburger in his order. You can read about that here. However, McDonald’s is not the only restaurant that is overrun with crazies.

Over the weekend, a man shot his friend in New Orleans when he brought him the wrong beer. Clarence Sturdivant, 64, allegedly gunned down years-long best friend Walter Merrick, 66, after he handed over a Busch, shooting the man in the elbow with a shotgun. They had been arguing in the parking lot of their apartment complex about which beer was better before the shotgun blast occurred. Sturdivant fled the scene but was later arrested, and Merrick was treated for a serious but non-life-threatening injury at a local hospital.

[Image via McDonalds]