‘Anonymous’ Hacker Group Strikes ISIS Again, Reveals Terrorist Group’s Twitter Accounts

The “Hacktivist” group Anonymous is at it again, seemingly handing out good will. Well, not for the terrorist group ISIS that is. According to the Independent, Anonymous found and released a group of Twitter accounts they say are owned by ISIS. The goal of the group’s act is to get other users to report the ISIS accounts, and for Twitter to take them down.

Despite the fact that this can certainly help stop the flow of propaganda, ISIS experts have stated that such actions does little to hit “the core” of the terrorist group. Anonymous has been at “war” with ISIS since the Charlie Hebdo murders, according to the Inquisitr. It was after the murders where it declared to take down their social networks and websites.

So far, it has done some of what it declared through its Twitter hashtag war monikers “Operation ISIS,” “Operation Ice ISIS,” or now “Op Charlie Hebdo.” The Mirror reports that Anonymous even posted a statement, or tagline, in its war against ISIS.

“ISIS, we will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails and expose you. You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure. We own the internet.”

According to Breitbart News, Anonymous and its affiliates have taken down “800 Twitter accounts, 12 Facebook pages, and 50 email accounts” belonging to ISIS. There has been at least one terrorist website that they claim to have taken down as well.

A news website called AnonHq.com, which is described on its Twitter account as “Independent News. Uncovering The Truth”, listed several IP addresses that it states are former ISIS websites. The sites are “former” because Anonymous, and another group RedCult team, claims responsibility for shutting them down.

#Target joinalqarda.com #TANGODOWN

#Target alintibana.net #TANGODOWN

#Target opcharliehebdo.com (Imposter Website)#TANGODOWN

#Target islaam.com #TANGODOWN

#Target Qa3edon.100free.com #TANGODOWN

#Target daulahisamiyah.net #TANGODOWN

#Target ansar1.info #TANGODOWN

#Target jhuf.net #TANGODOWN

According to the Daily What, a message on Medium from a certain “Xrsone” was posted to urge readers to share the Twitter accounts list.

“This list was created by hundreds of users and compiled by #CtrlSec. We’re releasing it to hold Twitter accountable. I encourage you all to do your duty not only as a citizen of the world but also as a member of the internet community and re-post this on social media. The more attention it gets the more likely it becomes Twitter takes action in removing these accounts and making a serious impact on the ability of ISIS to spread propaganda and recruit new members. You don’t have to be tech savvy to contribute, simply clicking retweet or like could mean the difference between almost 10 thousand active accounts or 10 thousand suspended ones. Help us fight!”

Since the group decided to join the fight against the terrorist group, Anonymous has certainly made an interesting impact on the fight against ISIS.

[Image Via Creative Commons/Anonymous Symbol]