Bullied Kid Finally Fights Back, Revenge On Bully Goes Viral [Video]

Warning: Video contains explicit language that may be offensive to some viewers.

Bullying continues to be a major problem in schools all around the world. However, one bullied kid recently reached his breaking point and decided to fight back. Now, his display of courage has gone viral. On Friday, March 13, a short clip of a boy being bullied was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop. The 22-second clip starts begins with the victim, a much shorter kid, being taunted by his bully, who’s obviously much taller and intimidating. However, things take an interesting turn when the victim removes his shorts and squares up against the bully.

Surprisingly, the bullied kid stood up for himself by throwing the first punch. He punched the bully in the face with a closed fist. Based on the crowd’s response that can be heard in the background of the video, the bullied kid’s actions were quite surprising. The jaw-dropping hit actually knocked the bully to the ground. However, that’s not all. The bullied kid wasn’t done. He did take things a bit further by jumping on the bully and punching him again. However, he refrained from going any further although he probably could have kicked the bully while he was down.

The video, which was uploaded on Friday, March 13, has gone viral with more than a million views. Of course, most viewers found the bullied kid’s courage commendable. Many viewers also pointed out his ability to simply walk away after he made his point instead of beating the bully even more. However, there were some who argued, “two wrongs don’t make a right” and how fighting is never the answer to resolve misunderstandings. Since the bullied kid threw the first punch, many have wondered if his actions were necessary.

“This kid takes a W for getting off the dude once he was knocked out”

“Smaller Kid as in height, not weight. It is obviously that the shorter boy has more muscle development than the taller one.”

“How was he the bully this little dude knew what he was doing and he was merciful”

The bullied kid’s brother allegedly shared details about the incident as well. He revealed his brother actually apologized for his actions. The brother, who commented under the username “NYC-Dre,” also stated that the video was originally uploaded to LiveLeak. However, they never expected it to go viral.

“The short one, happens to be my little brother. Both boys play sports together and are actually friends. They were joking around and the taller one just happened to get serious. Dominique gave him chances to calm down but he took it too far and hit my brother in the back of the head when he turned away. It ended up escalating into this….. We live in a small town and never expected the video to go viral. It really should have never been posted being they are friends and teammates. They aren’t only representing themselves, they represent our whole town. My brother apologized and they shook hands.”

Was the bullied kid wrong for throwing the first punch? Share your thoughts.

[Image via World Star Hip Hop]