Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Reportedly Trashes $6 Million Rented Mansion -- Star Responds

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has completely dominated his life on the football field, in the wrestling ring, and on the big screen. He's destroyed any obstacles that have come his way and that have been put in front of him, but now he's done it to something else. Reports have come out that The Rock actually trashed a $6 million mansion he was renting while filming a movie.

WrestleZone has reported that the owners of a $6 million mansion in Southwest Ranches are stating that Johnson needs to pay for damages sustained to their home at his hands. The Florida homeowners state that Rock is the one who has caused the trashing of their mansion.

According to the Miami Herald, the 42-year-old wrestler-turned-actor recently moved out of a huge ranch after he had rented it for two years at the sum of $25,000 per month. The Rock was living there while his own home was being built nearby.

Upon moving out in January, the landlords of the mansion and property said that the house was not properly maintained. Actually, they're stating that the mansion was pretty much trashed.

"There used to be this really nice fountain out front that shot water 15 feet up into the air... Now it's gone."
Damages are said to be upwards of $80,000 and the landlords want The Rock to fork over the money. Johnson was said to have lived in the home with his entourage during the time his home was being finished.

Some of the damages are said to include:

  • Scraped-up paint on the concrete where The Rock's truck was usually parked
  • Thousands of dead plants and flowers
  • Dozens and dozens of deceased tropical fish in a salt water aquarium
  • Rotten Astroturf in the batting cage
  • Wooden floors that were so scratched that both stories need to be refinished
So far, there have been no comments from many on the whole situation. Ivan Reich, the attorney representing the landlords of the mansion, has not commented. The Rock's manager, Howard Altman, has also not commented.

One person that is speaking out though, is The Rock himself, and he responded to the report on Twitter.

It looks like the former WWE world champion isn't too concerned with the allegations brought against him. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has a lot of big things coming up with his movie San Andreas hitting theaters on May 29, and he's always busy on another project. Unless the mansion-owners have absolute proof, it seems unlikely these charges will bother him.

[Image via Atlanta Black Star]