Wife Brutally Beaten By Estranged Husband Outside Their Children’s Daycare Center

Andrea Nelson was attacked by her estranged husband, William Edward Nelson, on March 5. According to CBS-6, the 25-year-old mother was picking up their two children, ages 6 and 3, from daycare. The day was no different than any other, as picking up the children was part of Andrea’s daily routine. However, the routine task took a horrific turn when she was approached by William.

He reportedly snatched the keys to the vehicle and forced her and the children into the car. She immediately began panicking when he attempted to start the vehicle and drive off. When she screamed and attempted to flee, that’s when the situation escalated.

During a brief interview, Andrea recounted the horrific attack. She shared a number of details about the verbal exchange that led up to the brutal beating. Although she fought back and maced him, her efforts did not stop the vicious attack. He continued the brutal assault until she screamed loud enough to draw attention. The daycare owner’s husband walked outside after hearing the commotion. Then, Nelson reportedly fled toward a nearby wooded area.

“Willie came from behind a parked vehicle. He told me to get in the car now. He told me not to scream. He said if I screamed he would kill me and the kids,” Andrea recalled.

“He grabbed my keys and forced me into my car. When he started the car, I started screaming and got out of the car. That’s when he threw me down and hit me in the face… He threw me down again and hit me in the face, one last time… I was screaming, my kids were screaming.”

The horrific attack has left Andrea extremely shaken. She also shared details about the emotional trauma she suffered as a result of the brutal attack. Since Nelson still has not been found, she’s suffering from paranoia getting little to no sleep at night. “I have not slept since, I probably sleep 2 hours a night, I am very paranoid I don’t go anywhere by myself. I always wonder, is he going to come after me again and this time kill me before they find him,” she said.

Unfortunately, local authorities still have yet to find William Nelson, reports WRIC. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to contact the Middlesex Sheriff’s office hotline at 804-758-5600.

[Image via Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office]