Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney Knocked Out By Phil Bardsley In Boxing Video

A video has emerged of Manchester United’s captain, Wayne Rooney, and former team-mate Phil Bardsley sparring at home in which Rooney appeared to have been knocked out. Rooney, 29, has been criticized and could face further scrutiny from the Manchester United boardroom after putting himself in unnecessary danger.

The video, released by the Sun on Sunday, is believed to have been shot on February 22, the day after Manchester United’s 2-1 defeat to Swansea. The video shows Wayne Rooney and Sunderland defender Phil Bardsley clad in protective boxing gear and gloves sparring and trading blows in Rooney’s kitchen in Cheshire, Manchester.

Rooney was seen receiving a left jab, which seem to have knocked the Manchester United captain out cold at the end of the video. Luckily, Rooney manages to land just inches away from a stool in his kitchen.

Arun Ranganathan, a consultant surgeon in trauma and orthopaedic surgery for the Royal London Hospital, told Telegraph Sport that the injury may have led to serious problems that could affect the Manchester United striker if left unattended.

“They may think they are OK for the next few days, but it can lead to chronic headaches and to chronic or acute subdural haematomae. This can require surgery and can lead to a blood clot. If he was unconscious for more than 30 seconds, it would have warranted a scan to check the condition. His friends should have checked him into hospital, absolutely. Any history of loss of consciousness should be checked out.”

Despite the knockout, Rooney has gone to score to three times in his last three appearances for Manchester United and has also been selected as captain in today’s game against Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford.

Phil Bardsley’s wife was unimpressed by the English tabloid’s decision of leaking the video, claiming that Wayne Rooney got straight up afterwards.

Do you believe that Manchester United should have punished Wayne Rooney after being knocked out just a day after losing to Swansea?

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