Kate Bock Lounges Around In Tiny Gray Bra, Sweats, & Baseball Cap

Kate Bock put on yet another sexy display today for her legion of 666,000 fans. The model's steamy new upload consisted of two shots that flaunted her slender figure.

The first photo in the series captured Kate lounging around outside with a covering of green trees at her back. As her geotag indicated, she was at home in Cleveland, Ohio, where she lives with NBA star Kevin Love. In her caption, she shared that proceeds from hat sales would benefit Feeding America and their COVID-19 response fund. The Sports Illustrated hottie stretched one arm in front of her face to snap the selfie-style shot while she rested the other near her side. Bock stared into the camera with a partial smile and an alluring gaze.

She opted for comfort and slipped into a sexy lounge set that included a tiny gray bra. The garment stretched tight across her chest and back while her long, blond waves covered the piece's straps. Its scooping neckline exposed a teasing glimpse of cleavage and the bottom of the bra rested on her ribs — drawing attention to her tiny waist and sculpted tummy.

Her bottoms appeared to provide the same comfort as her top, and its thick, elastic waistband rested on her hips. Kate wore the ties in the front undone, indicating that the elastic band was enough to hold the piece up on her figure. The second photo in the series offered a slightly different view, and her face was covered entirely by a white baseball cap that was embroidered with the words "Alone Together" in black thread.

The model added a small amount of bling to her casual look, including a gold bracelet and a necklace to match. Kate appeared to be makeup-free in the photo as her tanned complexion provided all the glam she needed. She tucked the top of her tresses under a baseball cap and hair spilled messily on both sides of her shoulders and at her back.

The sizzling set has attracted its fair share of attention so far with over 5,000 likes and 50-plus comments in under an hour. Some of the model's fans commented on the shot to rave over her charity work while many others let her know that her body looks incredible.

"Thank you for being the difference," one fan commented with a single red heart emoji.

"You are so WOW WOW WOW WOW Kate," a second social media user raved.

"You are stunning," one more added alongside a few flames.

A few other Instagrammers were left speechless, commenting with only flame, heart, and star emoji.