The Obamas Want To Move To New York, Not Chicago, After White House

President Obama and First Lady Michelle may not call Chicago their kind of town after it’s time to pack up and leave the White House, says a new Chicago Sun-Times exclusive report. Michael Sneed, who reports an anonymous source with insider knowledge and a relationship with the couple is stating that the Obamas would prefer to move to New York instead of Chicago after the second presidential term is over.

“They want New York, plain and simple. It’s not an unusual decision. The Clintons moved to New York after Bill Clinton left the presidency. It’s a happening place. They love the vibe in New York and don’t plan to have their main residence in Chicago.”

It’s a bittersweet thought of the Obamas leaving Chicago, the city that nurtured Michelle as part of her working class family reared her on the south side of “Chi Town,” just like myself. However, seeing as I no longer call the City of Big Shoulders home either, I can understand why POTUS and FLOTUS would consider leaving. Despite all the hubbub that happens when the First Family comes home to the Hyde Park area of Chicago — a move that causes streets to be blocked off and traffic nightmares — any complaining residents still have a hint of admiration in their Facebook posts about Barack and Michelle being in their midst.

So while the First Lady is shaking it up to “Uptown Funk” with Ellen, and ending this last chapter of time in the White House by continuing to push her Let’s Move initiative, as reported by the Inquisitr, plans could be afoot to sell the Chicago residence mere blocks away from the Kenwood Academy High School (where I attended back in the 1980s). That was during the era when Chicago was the ideal entryway for President Obama to make his way into politics, easier than New York would’ve been, says Sneed.

Alas, Chicago may no longer be sophisticated enough or a large enough metropolis to house the Obamas vision of the next phase of their post-presidential life, so to speak. There will be plenty of travel, lots of speeches and tons of money earned via those speeches — enough to keep the Hawaii vacations going for years to come. The question looms over whether the Obama presidential library will be located in Chicago or somewhere else. As reported by CBS, a decision that won’t come until after the mayoral race.

[Image via Chicago Sun-Times]