Michelle Obama And Ellen Dance To ‘Uptown Funk’ As YouTube Video Goes Viral [Video]

The video titled “Ellen and Michelle Obama Break It Down” is going viral on The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s YouTube channel, having received more than 700,000 views in one day, since it was uploaded on March 13. Prior to Mrs. Obama showing off her dance moves with Ellen — who is known to cut quite the rug herself in her impromptu talk show breaks and intros — the duo sat in chairs and argued about who won their previous push-up challenge.

Michelle also came back against Ellen’s assertions that the First Lady of the United States got the “Uptown Funk” dance moves earlier and had been practicing for a full year. Ellen joked that she was in better shape than FLOTUS, a quip that prompted Michelle to threaten to remove her jacket and show off her well-developed arms.

The Ellen Degeneres Show segment was all a part of Obama’s Gimme Five campaign, as reported by the Inquisitr, one that celebrated the 5th anniversary of “Let’s Move,” a directive that seeks to encourage folks to get off their couches and move around a bit. As Mrs. Obama told Ellen, superstars like Beyonce, Hugh Jackman, Dwyane Wade and others have submitted their own video versions of five ways they get moving and keep the blood flowing with exercise.

The White House introduced #GimmeFive for the Let’s Move’s 5th anniversary on their YouTube channel back on February 23, with a scripted scene that featured President Obama and Michelle going on about a lost tie. When Michelle danced with Ellen to “Uptown Funk” however, Obama was so ready to get into the hip wiggling movements that her mic initially fell off, reports the Hollywood Reporter? — a snafu that caused the dance to be paused prior to it fully getting underway.

Eventually, the “Uptown Funk” choreographed dance began with Obama moving around in her white pants and comfortable looking shoes, and Ellen keeping up. Notably, lyrics like “fill my cup, put some liquor in it” and “I want to kiss myself I’m so pretty” were strategically edited out of the version of the song played for the dance moves.

Mrs. Obama noted that the same dance would be performed for the White House’s famous Easter Egg Roll, scheduled for Monday, April 6, 2015, reports the White House website. The theme of “#GimmeFive” will carry on for that event, to go right along with the Let’s Move initiative of getting more folks interested in the benefits of working out.

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