Paula Deen Expands Her Empire Into Video Games With Launch Of ‘Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest’

Paula Deen is expanding her empire into the world of video games.

The once-disgraced Food Network star has launched a free mobile game called Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest, one that features a cartoon version of the southern chef leading players to learn the basics of home cooking before cooking at Paula’s restaurant, and then eventually opening their own eatery.

The game has puzzles with each level, with Paula Deen promising to have new ones added each week.

“I am a gamer at heart and never leave my home without my iPad,” Deen said in a release. “‘Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest’ is an incredible and one-of-a-kind game that will allow y’all to cook up a storm with me while solving exciting puzzles.”

Though she once saw her career fall apart after admitting to once using racial slurs, Deen has been on the comeback trail. She saw new interest in her cookbooks and her company, Paula Deen Ventures, got a $100 million infusion of cash from a private Phoenix investor.

The investment allowed Deen to turn her home into a studio and to launch her own online venture, the Paula Deen Network.

Paula Deen is now using the video game to connect to her empire. Players get a chance to win discounts to her online store and subscriptions to the Paula Deen Network, and even a chance to cook with her on the air.

For those inclined to think of Paula Deen’s game as a joke, consider this: Kim Kardashian, of Keeping Up with the Kardashians fame, lent her likeness and support to a mobile game called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood that allowed people to live the life of a star. Kim signed a deal for 40 percent of the game’s revenue, a deal that has paid huge dividends.

As She Knows noted last year, the deal was a huge money maker for Kardashian.

“Reports claim the app is set to make $200 million this year alone, of which the buxom beauty gets 45 percent. After businesses expenses, her cut equals somewhere near $85 million, which makes her earnings in 2013 (said to be $28 million) pale in comparison.”

While it is not exactly clear what kind of deal Paula Deen has from her video game, it’s possible that because Deen owns her own network and production studio, it could be even more lucrative than the contract signed by Kim Kardashian, who worked with a developer to create her game.

Those interested in downloading the Paula Deen video game can check out the Apple app store, the only place it is currently available. The app will be available to Android users starting on Monday.

[Image via YouTube/Buzzfeed]