An Amputee Chicken Has Been Fitted With A Prosthetic Leg – Vet’s Act Of Kindness Restores Mobility

A veterinarian surgeon has outfitted a prosthetic limb to a chicken that had lost one of its appendages. The chicken has gained complete mobility, despite the kind vet’s actions being criticized by the locals.

An amputee chicken is now able to walk and run due to a successful prosthetic leg surgery that was performed by the Yeşilyurt Municipality Veterinarian Directorate in the eastern Anatolian province of Malatya. Needless to say, many didn’t see the point, shared Aydemir Gürsoy, the animal doctor who performed the relatively rare operation.

“Many people told me: ‘It’s just a chicken, what are you going to do with it? It’s only worth 20 Turkish Liras; why don’t you eat it?”

However, Gürsoy was unperturbed. Instead of making a quick meal of the flightless bird, the doctor designed a leg for the chicken because he considered it his moral duty.

“But what is the point of being a veterinarian if you abandon each sick chicken or lamb to death?”

Gürsoy said he always had a soft spot for helpless barnyard animals, who are put down in a blink of an eye if there was something wrong with them. Owing to his big heart and even bigger rescue operation, he now has 30 chickens and two turkeys in his garden. He plans to continue his crusade of defending such animals against certain death. The chicken too would have met the same fatal fate, had it not been for the intervention of the vet.

Gürsoy took the chicken, which was suffering from a serious leg wound, to various vets to receive treatment before taking it to the Yeşilyurt Municipality Veterinarian Directorate upon the recommendation of a friend.

“Here, for 20 days, the chicken had a couple of surgeries and received various treatments, but in the end they told me they had to amputate its leg. After that, they suggested supporting him with a prosthetic leg. Now, it’s alive, it can walk and even spawn.”

The chicken’s leg was beyond saving, confirmed Yeşilyurt Municipality Veterinarian Directorate head Abuzer Karataş.

“We had to amputate the chicken’s leg due to symptoms of gangrene. However, we replaced it with a prosthetic leg so that could walk again. The result is quite satisfactory; the chicken walks perfectly. Its owner is very pleased with the treatment.”

When pets are injured or diseased, their owners have shown willingness to have expensive surgeries performed on them to save these animals. In the same spirit, the doctor plans to save many as animals he can.

[Image Credit | Hurriyet Daily News]