What Does Snorting Powdered Alcohol Feel Like? Teen Abuse Concerns Denied By Palcohol Creator

Palcohol: What Does Snorting Powdered Alcohol Feel Like? Teen Abuse Concerns Denied By Creator

Palcohol, or powdered alcohol, is just right around the corner, and already some parents are concerned their teenagers may start snorting powdered alcohol just to see what it may feel like. Fortunately, multiple people have already recorded their observations from this really, really dumb idea, and hopefully it may prevent some teens from trying out this particular experience.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, some locations in the United States may attempt to have powdered alcohol banned before it even hits store shelves despite federal approval having been granted. Despite the controversy, some people just want to know.

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Critics like Scott Krakower, assistant unit chief of psychiatry at Zucker Hillside Hospital in New York, claims, “I think it’s going to appeal to adolescents and will potentially be harmful.” According to WebMD, Krakower believes some teens may even attempt to snort palcohol as some sort of new thrill, or even mix the powdered alcohol with other illegal drugs like heroin.

Mark Phillips, the creator of Palcohol, believes that efforts to deny the release of powdered alcohol the work of a nanny state. Philips says these concerns are unfounded, saying that snorting the powder “really burns. Imagine sniffing liquid vodka.”

Some may say Phillips is biased since he’s the creator of powdered alcohol, but River Donaghey of Vice can confirm that snorting powdered alcohol is not a pleasant experience at all.

“Somehow, the powder turned straight into glue when it hit my sinuses. I was immediately plugged up. The fumes burned inside my nose, but only for the first minute or so. After that came an uneasy numbness. Maybe all the nerve endings were dead. There was no one left to sound an alarm,” wrote Donaghey. “The headache was still present — a throbbing pressure at my temples — but the powder drunk was giving me a weird, out-of-body feeling. If you like headaches and gummed-up sinuses and numb, dissociative drunks, you’re going to go apes*** for powdered booze.”

Jeremy Glass of Supercompressor was another guinea pig for snorting palcohol, and while his description does not mention bloody noses it doesn’t sound like something any fun-seeking teen should try.

“The bit that I pounded up my smell-hole burned like the time I snarfed Goldsclhäger at the 13th Step. I ended up with a righteous headache that made the proposition of a second round extremely unappetizing.”

In the end, you just know some teens will still try snorting powdered alcohol, but hopefully descriptions like these will make them look for “fun” elsewhere.