iOS 8.2 Released Amid Controversy

iOS 8.2 was released on March 9, immediately becoming the center of controversial discussions concerning its usefulness and Apple’s questionable marketing policies. Firstly, iOS 8.2 is huge; it is the largest OS update released by Apple so far, taking up 278 Mb. For those who think that every byte counts it may be a reason to stay away from it, at least for a while. Secondly, it has two unpleasant surprises for those who will unwittingly download it.

The first surprise, according to Forbes, is that it doesn’t address the “WiFried,” probably the worst bug associated with 8.0.

“Sadly the most high profile bug in iOS 8 has not been fixed in iOS 8.2. By far the biggest thread on Apple Support Communities, the so-called ‘WiFried’ issue causes phones to drop wireless connections and/or refuse to connect to wireless networks at all. It also results in massive battery drain, killing some devices in just 4-6 hours.”

The second surprise is probably even more annoying. With the impending release of Apple Watch, the company continues to aggressively promote the new device, and it was reflected in the new update as well. It turns out that 8.2 contains the Apple Watch upgrade, which is installed automatically if you upgrade to it (unless you have iPhone 4S, which is not compatible with Apple Watch) even if you don’t have Apple Watch and have no intention of buying it – and it is impossible to get rid of afterwards. As a result, it turns into yet another piece of software Apple forces upon the users which will just sit there, occupying precious space.

There is another reason not to be in a hurry to download the new update. According to the Inquisitr, you are going to have problems with 8.2 if you use a jailbroken device.

“Users should stay away from this update if you own a jailbroken device, or if you plan to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, according to Gotta Be Mobile. Jailbreak developer MuscleNerd has warned all jailbreaker users to stay away from the iOS 8.2 update since it’s not jailbreakable as of yet.”

Nevertheless, the main goal of the update is not to add Apple Watch compatibility, but to optimize the OS, fix a number of bugs, and make the system more stable, in general. So, if you don’t care about how much space it takes, it may be a good idea to update to iOS 8.2 anyway – you will have to do it sooner or later in any case.