New Krispy Kreme Donut Dog Is Stuffed With Bacon And Smothered In Raspberry Jam


When it comes to the business of donuts, Krispy Kreme know their stuff, and when you pair that with the baseball talents of the Wilmington Blue Rocks you get a hot dog shaped donut stuffed full with crispy bacon and smothered in raspberry jam. Sound appealing?

While most would prefer to ignore the calorie count and fat factor of the new culinary creation, it’s just as well, seeing as the company is yet to even publish the nutritional details for the so-far unnamed donut hot dog.

While the new donut dog is set to hit stands at the baseball stadium next month, the team are asking fans to name it, by going to their website and entering a suggested name for the chance of a cash prize.

As the team’s website asks fans, “What name would you give this salty-and-sweet creation: a hot dog covered with raspberry jam and bacon served on a Krispy Kreme donut bun?”

Any ideas? I would like to think of some myself but the image of the new creation has me wondering how and when i can get my teeth into one ASAP.

Some suggestions so far have included, the “Kremey Weenie” and “Rocky’s Sweet Meats,” and entries will be accepted till 17 March when six names will be selected to enter the final.

According to KSAT, if the donut dogs are a hit, Krispy Kreme may start selling them in stores, with the hopes of boosting business and of course revenue.

And while the Blue Rocks are partnering with Krispy Kreme, last week the Arizona Diamondbacks premiered a churro hot dog called the Churro Dog which they hope will be a bit hit to.

What do you think a good name for the new Krispy Kreme Donut dog would be? And does it appeal to you? Salty crispy bacon with a sweet donut and raspberry jam?

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