Kathy Griffin Posts Statement: Praise, Plugs And ‘Perfectionism’

Kathy Griffin confirmed the news of her decision to leave Fashion Police with a lengthy statement of her own.

The 54-year-old comedian posted a 360-word statement on her official Twitter page Thursday explaining the reasons for her decision to leave the popular E! television series in addition to a number of different plugs, praise, and a note about the show’s quest for “perfectionism.”


Perhaps the biggest form of praise that Kathy Griffin expressed through her lengthy statement was when she essentially praised herself — giving her fans and critics a quick recap of her career’s accolades and accomplishments so far.

“[I] have written and starred in 23 stand-up comedy specials, I have two EMMYS, a Grammy, a NY Times #1 Bestseller, decades of activism for the #LGBT community, have performed for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, among many other things.”

However, Kathy also made sure that found a way to praise the late Joan Rivers, her “beloved friend” and the original host of Fashion Police.

“When I chose to step into the shoes of my beloved friend Joan Rivers at Fashion Police, I was thrilled to continue her legacy as a woman being brash and eccentric on television.”

Towards the conclusion of her statement, Kathy found another clever way to praise herself and her accomplishments by shining a spotlight on the platform that she has maintained and emphasized over the years.

“I want to help women, gay kids, people of color and anyone who feels underrepresented to have a voice and a LAUGH! That has been my platform for decades and my body of work speaks for itself.”

Many fans and critics strongly believed that Kathy Griffin was the perfect fit for the hosting seat on Fashion Police simply because of her blunt, brutally honest, and (at times) controversial style of comedy — the same style that Joan Rivers infamously upheld throughout her life.

Griffin even admitted herself that, like Joan, she enjoys being able to “find the funny, attitudes, beliefs and appearances” — another reason why many thought she would be a great addition to the Fashion Police cast.

However, Kathy made it clear exactly why she felt that it was not going to work out between herself and Fashion Police after all.

FashionPolice and “Unattainable Perfectionism”

One of the highlights of Kathy Griffin’s lengthy statement was her feelings on how her appreciation for context and established brand of humor apparently did not work well with the show.

“I thought that I could bring my brand of humor to Fashion Police so that beautiful people in beautiful dresses could be teased when appropriate. My brand of humor, while unrepentant and unafraid, is all about CONTEXT. There is plenty to make fun of in pop culture without bringing people’s bodies into it.”

Kathy continues by confessing that she is a feminist and a “gurrrrl” that loves an offensive joke. However, she makes clear in her statement that there is a line that she refuses to cross when it comes to her comedy.

“I do not want to use my comedy to contribute to a culture of unattainable perfectionism and intolerance towards difference… After 7 episodes of Fashion Police, I discovered that my style does not fit with the creative direction of the show & now it’s time to move on.”

Even though her comments about Fashion Police may seem straightforward and blunt, Kathy Griffin made sure that she wished the network, E!, nothing but the best in the future. She also told her fans and followers reading her statement about her hopes to continue making them laugh either live or on television where she is able to be “smart, irreverent, unrepentant and unafraid in an observational way that is candid, honest and justified.”


Along with the comments about Fashion Police as well as praising herself and her past accomplishments, Kathy Griffin also managed to fit in a few plugs before wrapping up her lengthy statement.

Kathy concluded her statement by plugging her Kennedy Center performance, scheduled for June, as well as the fact that tickets are available for purchase on her official website.

“See you at the gay bars… and the MF-ing Kennedy Center Saturday June 20 and everywhere else! Tickets on sale at KathyGriffin.com.”

Based on some of the comments posted on Twitter, quite a few of Kathy’s fans think that she made the right decision and prefer to see her on tour.

What did you think about Kathy Griffin’s statement?

[Image Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images]