Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial Week 6: Glock-Talk, Surveillance Tapes, And Where’s Shayanna?

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Friday marks the end of the sixth week in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, with the prosecution focusing on the missing Glock and surveillance tapes from in and around the former New England Patriots star’s home. There is still no word on when, or if Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, will take the stand.

According to WBZ’s Christina Hager Jenkins has not been in the Fall River, Massachusetts, courtroom all week. During her last appearance in court on March 6, Hernandez said, “I love you” to his fiancée, but he did not seem to notice that the giant diamond engagement ring was missing from Jenkins finger.

The prosecution is slowly getting through their lengthy witness list, one that will likely take several more weeks to complete. This week, jurors saw home surveillance video that was taken at Hernandez’s home in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, before and after the murder of Odin Lloyd.

According to Fox Sports, the grainy videos show Hernandez holding something in his hand hours before Lloyd was shot in June, 2013, and again just minutes after his death. The prosecution alleges that the object in Aaron’s hand was the missing.45-caliber Glock.

A Glock employee, Kyle Aspinwall, spent seven hours on the witness stand between Wednesday and Thursday.

According to Sports Illustrated, Aspinwall concluded that Hernandez was holding a Glock semiautomatic pistol, possibly the same model that prosecutors have alleged Lloyd was killed with.

“The black item resembles a pistol, but in fairness to Hernandez, the black item also bears a resemblance to other items, including a television remote. Aspinwall, however, left jurors with little doubt that he believes the item was a firearm, and specifically a Glock semiautomatic pistol.”

Aspinwall told prosecutors that in his opinion “the firearm shown in the video still is a Glock pistol” despite the fact that many of the images were blurry. However, Fox reports that Aspinwall later admitted to defense attorney James Sultan that he had “no way of knowing” whether or not the object Hernandez was holding was a “working gun.”

Many trial watchers have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions about the case over the past six weeks. Some are forming what seems to be a social media jury that is ready to convict Aaron Hernandez of murder based on what they have seen and heard so far. Waiting to hear testimony from both sides doesn’t seem to be an option for many of those who are tweeting about the case.

The Aaron Hernandez murder trial continues on Friday, March 13, with a half-day of testimony expected starting at 9 a.m. Watch the Aaron Hernandez trial live streaming online here.

[Image: Concord Monitor]