Trump Q and A: The Donald to Answer Questions on Twitter

Want to ask Donald Trump a question? All you have to do is tweet #TrumpQandA and the Donald himself will respond.

Donald wrote on Twitter:

“Many people have been asking me to answer questions. You can ask me questions at any time.#TrumpQandA

Donald didn’t say how many questions he would answer or when exactly the Q and A would start, but he did write on Twitter:

“Answers to your tweets coming soon #TrumpQandA

Trump has been in the news a lot this year, but most of it hasn’t had anything to do with his business. Trump spent most of 2011 toying with the idea of running for the presidency. His bid for the GOP nomination ended earlier this month when he officially endorsed Mitt Romney.

But just because Trump won’t be running for the presidency doesn’t mean he won’t find himself in office in 2012. There has been speculation that Romney will appoint Trump to a cabinet position. Trump said:

“I don’t know maybe a position where I negotiate against some of these countries. Because they are really taking our lunch.”

Do you have a question for Donald Trump? Would you ask him about politics, business, or Celebrity Apprentice. So far Twitter has offered some interesting questions.

“Why don’t you like black people?” “Here’s a question, why are you such an insufferable, self admiring, self loving, self promoting, arrogant, prick?” “Do you ever wake up covered in blood and are suddenly afraid that you may have killed a rich person?” “What advice would you give to a college student majoring in business?” And “How many days into your presidency will you wait before you put a giant gold “Trump” sign on the front of the White House?” are just a few of the questions being asked so far.

Do you think the Trump Q and A will be a bigger disaster than Woody Harrleson’s Reddit AMA?