‘Pump Rules’ Kristen Doute On Season 3, Wedding Drama, And Boyfriend James Kennedy

Pump Rules star Kristen Doute has opened up about Season 3 and more in a new interview with Hollywood Life. Following the dramatic first half of the Pump Rules reunion, Doute appeared on the site’s podcast, where she updated fans on the show drama.

First, Doute addressed the drama that occurred between herself and boyfriend James Kennedy at the wedding of her Pump Rules co-stars, Scheana Marie and Mike Shay.

“I’m not proud of what happened,” Doute said during the podcast, which was shared on Twitter by Bonnie Fuller on March 12.

“It’s not something I condone. It’s not something I’m proud of. I’m not excited to talk about it. It shouldn’t have happened, and it’s never okay.”

Doute went on to say that while she doesn’t like to defend her behavior, she does want viewers to realize that she and Kennedy’s altercation didn’t happen at the wedding — or at the reception. It happened in the parking lot of the venue.

Much of Doute’s fight with Kennedy was seen on Pump Rules, but as fans know, editing is always a factor, and Doute claims there was plenty that went down before she punched Kennedy that fans didn’t see.

“There was a lot of, like, in my face, and like, pushing, just not letting me walk away.”

When the hosts of the podcast wanted to know more about Kennedy’s push, the Pump Rules star would only confirm Kennedy was being “a little too aggressive for me.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Pump Rules has yet to be renewed for a fourth season, but if the series does return, Doute claims she’d love to come back. During an interview with E! News, Doute revealed the following.

“I would. At this point, we’re three years in and everything that I’ve been through, I put my life on the line for everyone to see. I’d want to continue the journey. I don’t want to throw everything away just because I don’t work at SUR. If there’s a fourth season, I hope they’ll ask me back.”

While a Doute return is certainly possible, it’s hard to say whether or not she’d return to Pump Rules in a full-time role. After all, once Stassi Schroeder stopped working at SUR Lounge, as Doute did during Season 3, she was demoted on the show to a part-time role and didn’t appear on every episode.

Part two of the Pump Rules reunion airs on Monday at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

[Photo via Twitter]