'Empire': Why Sean 'Diddy' Combs Wants To Sue Makers

Empire has become a hit television show, but with all good things, there are those who wish to hate. It seems that Sean "Diddy" Combs is one of those haters.

Though Diddy's Instagram is always showing messages of encouragement and inspiration to follow one's dreams and "so on," he also has always been speculated to cast shadows over others' accomplishments. For example, Sean is known to frequently appear in his artists videos or stage performances. It doesn't seem to stop there.

Though Empire is not a part of Comb's "dynasty," it seems that he has an issue with that. Specifically, Diddy thinks that Empire creator Lee Daniels ripped the show's idea from his life.

So, with that notion, Sean allegedly wants to file suit against the maker. This is what Sean has to say about the issue, according to an interview with Celebtricity.

"It's basically my life except the ALS stuff. All the homosexuality and everything that's pretty much been done too. They might as well have called it 'Breaking Bad Boy'...

"...They basically are detailing everything I had to go through: the shootouts, working with Timbaland, and divas going to prison. I mean, all of it. I think they might owe me some royalties. You can't just put out the 'Sean Combs Biography' without paying me and I'm filing a million dollar lawsuit."

He won't even allow his son, Quincy, to be on the show after he's been offered a role.

Nevertheless, to digress, one of Empire's writers has claimed that Luscious Lyon's character isn't based on Diddy's life but is closer to Jay-Z's, says Uptown Magazine. Yet, even then, it's still proposed as a vague resemblance.

Well, due to Diddy's "I got to be in the limelight" personality, it seems that he's in it. Consequently, the plan may have begun to backfire on him. Several tweets began and memes were created after Combs started his Empire feud.

Empire - Sean 'Diddy' Combs Allegedly Attempting To Sue Lee Daniels
Credits: Instagram

Clearly this wasn't the type of reaction he was expecting to get.

After recently paying tribute to Biggie via Instagram, surely he didn't think such allegations would re-surface. What happens in the dark eventually comes to the light?

What do you think about Sean "Diddy" Combs and the Empire rumors? Do you think it's legit? Is this just another Diddy attempt to be "seen"? Share your thoughts and spark conversation in Inquisitr's entertainment community.

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