Poodle Dressed As Schoolgirl Walks On Hind Legs: Could It Be Considered Abuse? [Video]

A video has surfaced online showing a poodle dressed as a schoolgirl walking on its hind legs in China. In the video, the dog’s trainer is shown giving it commands to come toward him, and the poodle obeys. Bystanders are also shown taking pictures of the poodle in its schoolgirl uniform, and one person briefly walks alongside it.

While some people may find it to be funny or cute to see the poodle dressed as a schoolgirl and roaming the streets with a backpack, there are others who are considering it to be animal abuse. NBC News shared the video on its official Facebook page, and it has received a pretty strong reaction from people. The news organization’s Facebook page introduced it with a comment about how the poodle has become popular.

“Forget Cat Island — this poodle in China is giving the viral felines a run for their money.”

At the time of this post, the video has more than 7,000 likes and more than 4,000 shares. But the comments section is a different story. Many of the comments left on the video of the poodle dressed as a schoolgirl are by people who disapprove of it. Some are not happy with the fact that NBC shared the video and made a light-hearted comment about it.

“Sure NBC, let’s promote animal abuse, as if that’s not a thing we need to work on in this country. Smart.”

“This is horrible abuse. They do really terrible things to these dogs to get them to do these ‘tricks.’ You really shouldn’t be advertising/promoting this as cute.”

Others commented about how the poodle shouldn’t be walking on its hind legs.

“I hope they don’t make this dog do this often. They are not made to walk like that and it could injure his spine and/or legs. They are not human.”

But the poodle doesn’t seem like it’s feeling abused. At least, that’s what the owner, known only as Zhu, told International Business Times. Zhu said the male poodle seems very excited to put on the schoolgirl uniform every time it goes to get dressed. Zhu noted that it took two months to train the poodle to walk on its hind legs in the schoolgirl uniform. The poodle can now walk more than one mile on its hind legs.

It’s not everyone who is considering this to be abuse. One person, known only as Luo, was impressed by the dog’s talent.

“The dog is so cute and lovely. And it’s so hard to believe that [he] can walk so well.”

What do you think of the poodle dressed as a schoolgirl and walking on its hind legs? Is it cute, or is it abusive?

[Image via International Business Times]