Woman Sues New York City for $900 Trillion Dollars

Talk about breaking the bank. Fausat Ogunbayo, a Staten Island mother of 2 is currently pursuing a lawsuit and the New York City Administration for Children’s Services for what she claims is falsely placing her two kids in Foster care and ruling her an unfit mother. The kicker is that she is suing the city for $900 TRILLION dollars.

Ogunbayo, who is representing herself, says the decision by Child Services to put her children in Foster care violated her civil rights and caused her “over three years of terror, horror, grievous harm, time lost, substantial economic hardship and injuries.” The children have been out of her care since 2008.

Child Services filed court documents saying that Fausat Ogunbayo had presented many bizarre behaviors during their evaluation period. She brought her children to the doctor because she claimed their skin was getting darker due to radiation exposure. In another weird one she told the kids schools that the FBI was after the kids.

The city is saying that in addition to suffering from hallucinations and was not around for the kids. Interestingly enough, in a seprate case before the New York City courts, Ogunbayo was ruled to be a fit mother and that the children were never in “imminent danger of harm” while in her care.

The Staten Island Advance reports that in fact, the two children had near-perfect school attendance and were “even thriving academically.”

Ogunbayo claims that despite her children doing so well, and the court’s ruling of her fitness, her children have yet to be returned.

As for Ogunbayo’s $900 trillion demand, Forbes provides some perspective to the Huffington Post:

The largest City settlement to an individual is $18,278,000 to James McMillan who suffered paralyzing injuries in the 2003 Staten Island Ferry dock crash that killed 11 passengers…And the national debt is $15 trillion.

Do you think that the demand is outrageous as the case or that it just shows Fausat Ogunbayo is a bit unstable?