Man Poops On Or In 19 Cars In Ohio Since 2012, Finally Photographed [Photo]

Paula Mooney - Author

Aug. 6 2017, Updated 9:15 a.m. ET

There is a strange news story circling around Akron, Ohio: Police say that an unknown man has pooped either on top of or inside 19 Akron cars since 2012, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the difference with his latest defecations is that he has finally been caught on camera. The most recent violation of the “serial pooper” also happened in Akron, say police.

The Castle Homes Neighborhood Facebook page reports the community’s elation that someone has finally gotten a photo of the pooper and are hoping that the relatively clear picture will help identify the man, along with reports of other break-ins or crimes in the area.

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As reported by the Akron Beacon Journal, it’s not just cars that the defecator has unloaded his business upon, but children’s toys, as well. The publication states that neighborhood resident Steve Motich spoke about the mad pooper, a violator who has been going around the Castle Homes neighborhood and pooping on objects for years now. Other neighbors report finding smeared poop on everything from outdoor toys to slides and the like, items that had to be thrown away after being soiled with excrement.

Now that a photo of the bowel-moving bandit has been released online, police are hoping that the circulation of the photo will catch the criminal, who prefers to do his business on car handles or actually inside of unlocked vehicles. Lt. Rick Edwards, a police spokesman, said that the latest violation happened on Tuesday evening when the mad pooper defecated on a car.

As for the timing of the pooping incidents, neighbors reported to police that the defecation usually occurs during the early morning hours of 3:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. Now that the crapping criminal has been photographed and is the subject of a pooping manhunt, one wonders if the parked car pooper, as reported by‎, will continue to do his business, or refrain from his activities.

Poop can be a fascinating topic, such as when the Inquisitr reported on the pills for sale on Etsy that allegedly allowed consumers to poop glitter. However, defecating in public can be an actual affliction. In general, more people tend to deal with anxiety about not wanting to defecate in public restrooms, instead of the antithesis, going number two in odd places. But it’s not unheard of.

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