Etsy Selling Pills That Will Let You Poop Glitter — Just In Time For Christmas

Danny Cox - Author

Dec. 21 2014, Updated 12:04 p.m. ET

Maybe you’ve been told before that “you think your s**t doesn’t stink,” and perhaps you believe that about yourself, but others don’t. Well, with Etsy now selling new pills that will make you poop glitter, you can at least tell everyone that it may not stink, but it sparkles.

As Metro pointed out, there are now glitter pills for sale on Etsy, and you can just assume what they are going to make you do.

The items on Etsy are actually called “Glitter Pills,” and they put as many warnings as humanly possible on it. Obviously, they are doing everything they can not to be sued, and that is evident in the description.

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“this item is not meant for consuption (sic), and is only intened (sic) for decorative purposes and are not edible, store is not responsible for any misuse of product. Keep out of reach of children.”

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As Elite Daily made so perfectly clear, no one should think that eating the Glitter Pills is a good idea or that they supposed to do it. If such was the case, you could just chug some glitter, but you know you’re not supposed to do that either.

Then again, why call them “pills” then? Just by using that word, it has been made blatantly clear by the Etsy shop owner what you’re supposed to do.

The Glitter Pills for sale on Etsy come in a variety of different colors, and those can be chosen at the time of checkout. If you don’t choose any, the shop owner will select some for you at random, and you can be surprised as to what color sparkle your poop will have.

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By checking out the FAQ at the bottom of the Etsy page for Glitter Pills, there are even more signs that they aren’t trying to get you to consume them.

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Q. Are these safe to eat?

A. Probably not, if you decide to eat them, you assume all liability and risk that comes with that decision. IN OTHER WORDS DO NOT EAT GLITTERPILLS!!!

- Blockquote close

They really and truly don’t want you to eat something called a pill.

Much like the thousands and thousands of boxes of poop sold by Cards Against Humanity, this is a true test to see if people will really buy anything because it’s trendy.

The pills are non-toxic, but please don’t eat them. Please!

According to the Etsy seller, the point of Glitter Pills is not to make you poop glitter, but just because they “look awesome!!!” and are a “unique product that many people simply find fascinating.”

Considering the delay in shipping due to high demand, the creator of Glitter Pills may have a point.

[Image via Etsy]


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