Cards Against Humanity Sells Thousands Of Boxes Of Poop

Cards Against Humanity has literally sold 30,000 people a box of poop. It might have been a prank, but the feces was legitimate and consumers simply thought they were being trolled and actually buying more cards or a limited edition of the game.

The promotion was intended to poke fun at holiday consumerism, offering a box with the words “Bullsh** by Cards Against Humanity” and stating very clearly they would get “literal feces, from an actual bull.” The prank was extremely effective, having been timed for Black Friday sales.

Considering the popular game’s sarcastic and often gross sense of humor, thousands of fans even questioned what the description meant. On Twitter, Cards co-creator Max Tempkin clearly told fans what was in the box, but that didn’t halt sales.

According to Time, Tempkin explained why his company did it.

“We all really hate Black Friday, it’s just kind of a horrible day. It comes after this day where you’re supposed to be thankful for what you have, and then it’s just this whole huge media spectacle of people fighting each other to save $50 on a TV.

“We also had the idea of issuing people a one penny off coupon, but that felt weird because it was still a deal. That’s sort of still doing Black Friday.”

What might have made the prank even more effective was the fact that they pulled the actual game off of the site and left only one item for purchase. There sat a six dollar box of “Bullsh**,” and people thought they were actually getting a deal on the popular card game.

Unboxing videos have sprung up on YouTube revealing the truth, which oddly enough was included in the description.

The manufacturing of the prank gift began when the creators of Cards Against Humanity asked Google if they could literally sell feces. When the idea was affirmed, they went to the same company in China which creates the boxes for Apple products for the packaging. For the poop, they made a deal with a cattle ranch in Texas which actually sold pasteurized bull feces for shipment and understood what the point was.

Some people who bought the poop even took it a step further and began selling it on eBay, according to Huffington Post. The people behind the prank only received 20 cents for each box, while the rest of the proceeds went toward Heifer International. There were no refunds.

Were you among the 30,000 people who literally bought a box of Cards Against Humanity poop on Black Friday?

[Image via Time]

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