Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Admits To Struggling With Depression

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans wants one thing in her life; happiness. Throughout the past couple of years, Evans has been in several relationships and almost every single one has landed her a mugshot. Evans has struggled to get herself back on track, and sometimes, her boyfriends have left her in anger because of her controlling behavior.

It is no secret that Jenelle Evans will flip out when she doesn’t get her way. A few weeks back, a video surfaced of Evans flipping out on Nathan Griffith and some friends, saying that she wished that Nathan’s brother Noah had died while serving overseas. Fans of Teen Mom don’t get to see this kind of behavior on the show, but given how troublesome their relationship is, clearly Nathan is often labeled as the bad guy.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Nathan is now getting real about his struggles. It is no secret that he has been through a lot with Jenelle over the past week, as he was accused of skipping couples therapy and was arrested in a domestic assault situation.

“I don’t get depressed that much anymore but when I do, it feels like I can’t pull myself out of the water,” Nathan Griffith tweeted to his followers shortly after sharing that it makes him happy to dance around in the fresh rain on a warm summer day.

Sadly, his admission didn’t get him much support. Of course, many feel that his behavior is being influenced by Jenelle Evans, who has caused many of her ex-boyfriends to leave her behind. Jenelle has been accused of being controlling, manipulative and extremely insecure. Surely, living with Evans and dealing with that each day must be tough on him.

“You have nobody to blame but yourself,” one follower replied, while another added, “I guess you should learn to think before you speak or react you created this mess now you have to deal with it I feel no pity.”

Even Jenelle has tweeted that Nathan makes her depressed. Back in February prior to their brief breakup before Valentine’s Day, Evans tweeted that she was “so depressed” over a recent fight. Despite this roller coaster of emotion, Griffith seems determined to make it work. According to the Inquisitr, Nathan and Jenelle had been working on their relationship prior to the alleged assault charge.

What do you think about Nathan’s admission to struggling with depression? Do you think Jenelle Evans is helping him, or making it worse for him?

[Image via Twitter]