WWE: Brock Lesnar May Unify The UFC And WWE Heavyweight Titles, Says Paul Heyman [Video]

Could Brock Lesnar be both a WWE and UFC champion at the same time? Paul Heyman seems to think so, and on this week’s Monday Night RAW, Lesnar’s manager threatened to unify the UFC and WWE Heavyweight championship titles.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, since the WWE previously allowed Brock Lesnar Vs. Stephanie McMahon to happen, why can’t the WWW Divas wrestle men like Dolph Ziggler wants?

Paul Heyman’s unification plan came up during a RAW promo where he was ripping into Roman Reigns. After listing several scenarios where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon may attempt to wrestle the WWE belt from Brock Lesnar, Heyman said if Lesnar wants to spend the summer unifying the WWE and the UFC Titles, then there’s nobody who can stop him. Essentially, Heyman claims the WWE title now belongs to Lesnar, not the company. Heyman even went so far as to take a shot at Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, saying they don’t equal Lesnar’s weight combined.

Of course, in real life, Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract is the biggest obstacle to this title unification plan, never mind Vince McMahon and Dana White. The non-compete clause is intended to safeguard the WWE’s large investment into marketing a wrestler. While some may object to these restrictions, those under contract are typically well compensated under the assumption they will stick with the company. But it turns out that Lesnar may have pushed for removing the standard non-compete clause based upon his prior history with the WWE.

Back in 2003, Lesnar signed a WWE contract with a non-compete clause that lasted up until 2010. But Lesnar hated being a full-time wrestler and the weekly travel so he filed a lawsuit in hopes of getting out of the non-compete. The litigation dragged on for months so Lesnar tried to negotiate a new deal, but backed out after when WWE management made the deal even worse than before. Long story short, Lesnar breached the contract for New Japan Pro Wrestling and eventually WWE settled the case and allowed Lesnar an unrestricted contract release in April of 2006. The idea that Lesnar doesn’t have a non-compete clause now may sound absurd, but the WWE has allowed wrestlers like Jim Morrison to get out of that standard WWE contract stipulation.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract does allow him to apply for a UFC fight. Previous to 2015, Dana White has been pretty adamant about UFC contracts not allowing fighters to compete elsewhere, but this is Lesnar and a pile of money we’re talking about here. Already there are rumors that Lesnar’s first UFC fight will be this fall, so it’s possible Vince McMahon and Triple may bend over backwards in order to keep their WWE champ.

What would you think if Brock Lesnar became both the WWE and UFC champion?