WWE News: UFC Preparing For Brock Lesnar Arrival, Fight With Frank Mir Scheduled For First NYC Show This Fall?

We know by now that current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon are at odds. It has been confirmed Lesnar walked out of WWE RAW a few weeks ago and that it was mainly over contractual issues. While Brock is supposed to be at WWE RAW tonight as advertised, it is unknown if The Beast Incarnate will actually show up.

Most believe Brock will be there and end up showing up at WrestleMania 31. The payday for Mania is said to be so big that Lesnar would never pass it up even over issues with WWE and Vince. Basically, he’s just showing up four more times and only really wrestling once in all of that. It seems that those three dates will be Lesnar’s final few with WWE.

He may owe another date to WWE which would allow for them to use him once more, due to his walkout. However, it uncertain if they will do so.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Lesnar going to the UFC seems very likely. So much so, UFC is tentatively preparing to have him face off with Frank Mir at their first New York City show this fall. Dave Meltzer had this to say about the Lesnar situation….

Lesnar Mir

“Those in UFC had expected for some time that Lesnar would be returning, beginning with a fight with Frank Mir. Mir had brought up the night before Lesnar’s issue with McMahon, about potentially fighting Lesnar, noting that if he didn’t win his 2/22 fight over Antonio Silva, he wouldn’t get what he acknowledged would be his highest profile match possible.

“The situation remained unresolved as of press time. Lesnar was not in Newark, NJ, for Raw on 3/2, but he was not scheduled for the date. He was scheduled to be on the 3/9 Raw in Pittsburgh and is expected to be on that show. The feeling is that he’s got a contract and missing a second date, particularly during the Mania build, would fracture the relationship badly. One person noted that Lesnar missing any of his four last dates would pretty well force a termination after Mania, although WWE does forgive if someone’s star power is big enough.

“Even if Lesnar has decided he’s leaving, and if the new contract is anything like the last two, that would on the outside feel like a mistake, it’s still preferable to be negotiating between three big companies (UFC, Viacom and WWE) as two. Although most feel that even though he could make money and beat lesser heavyweights in Bellator, that they are not in the running, because Lesnar only wants to be with the top organization. The idea is if he’s going to compete in a sport, he’s competing to be the best, and he can’t be that in Bellator.”

Brock Cena

While Bellator MMA wants to secure Lesnar to hopefully have him battle Bobby Lashley or even Fedor Emelianenko, that does not seem likely. Lesnar goes where the money is, which is one of the reasons why he is even considering staying with WWE right now. UFC offers far more money than Bellator would be able to.

Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar III does have a big selling point to it and it would certainly sell out Madison Square Garden if UFC can make it happen. Lesnar’s MMA comeback will be big regardless of who he faces, but having a highly anticipated rubber match with Mir would be big. This is also a period of time we could see CM Punk’s UFC and MMA debut.

The UFC NYC show has the potential to really do record numbers for UFC. Lesnar would be a key help in guaranteeing that. The only issue is, can UFC get him away from WWE? Right now, UFC looks to be where Lesnar will end up.

Vince McMahon still believes that WWE can still keep Lesnar, but right now he is at a stage where is appears that he is doubting it more and more each day. Lesnar may very well be gone after WrestleMania. There is also a thought that WWE might end up making the match at WrestleMania a triple threat involving Seth Rollins if, indeed, they feel Lesnar may no-show. That way, they can still guarantee a one on one match if Lesnar decides to leave early. We’ll have to see if WWE ends up doing this soon.

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