Nicki Minaj: Dead Member Stabbed To Death, But Singer Can’t Stop To Mourn De’Von Pickett And Eric Parker

Nicki Minaj’s dead tour manager has the singer reaching out on social media to mourn the loss of De’Von Pickett, who was stabbed to death during the tour in Philadelphia for the March 16 launch in Sweden. Unfortunately, the demands of being an international pop star has Minaj wishing she could slow down to grieve like a normal person.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, many music fans were upset when the Ku Klux Klan attacked Nicki Minaj because the KKK member also claimed black people really didn’t invent hip hop and rap.

A man named Pierce Boykin was arrested and charged with the murder of De’Von Pickett, but it took police a while to find the culprit. At the time, this is what Nicki Minaj’s Twitter account said about the stabbing.

“They had only been there for two days rehearsing for the tour,” wrote Minaj, who also added more details in an Instagram caption. “These guys flew into Philly for my tour rehearsals 2 days ago and were both stabbed last night. #RIPDAYDAY condolences to your family. Unbelievable. Eric (on the right) is recovering. Another senseless act of violence that took the life of a great guy. So sad.”

Despite being a heart-wrenching experience, Nicki Minaj’s dead manager could not be her focus due to the demands of the industry.

“I don’t think people understand how fast-paced this business is. You never get the chance sometimes to do what normal people do, like mourn a loss. Everything happens so fast,” Nicki told British newspaper Metro, according to the Belfast Telegraph. “[De’Von] was part of my crew, and it is devastating to think someone can work somewhere, make a living and then lose their life for absolute nothing.”

Nicki Minaj’s tour in Europe is already resuming on March 16 in Stockholm, Sweden. The schedule has her crew working hard to prepare for multiple European cities, two stage shows in the United States, and finally one last show in England on July 5. Minaj says her crew is also suffering during this time, but they won’t be slowing down any time soon.

“My band members took it very hard. They were with him all the time and toured with him for years. When I came to rehearsal after he had been killed, the look on everyone’s face — it was heart-wrenching,” she admitted. “I can’t let anything stop us from putting on the show because that would be quitting. So we’re going to continue the tour in his memory.”

Do you think Nicki Minaj’s brush with death is a good reason to cancel some tour dates in order to grieve properly?