Woman Breaks Leg On Leg Press Machine, Footage Goes Viral

A woman apparently breaks her leg while using a leg press machine in this now-viral video.

As seen in the video, the woman seems to be testing out the leg press machine, perhaps as part of some type of demonstration. After one successful repetition, it appears as if she snaps her knee and breaks her leg.

Even though the full video is 18 seconds, the actual footage being looped within the viral video is relatively short — lasting about five seconds.

Why did her leg break? Did the woman have weak bones? Was there something wrong with the leg press machine?

As seen in the video footage, the woman breaks her leg shortly after locking her knees — a major mistake when using this type of exercise equipment. It even looks like the woman may have damaged both of her legs at the same time as a result of locking her knees during the leg press exercise.

Quite a few people have tweeted their reactions and responses to the video footage on Twitter since it was uploaded Saturday.

My dad shared a video of a woman locking her legs during a leg press and snapping both of them in half. Some things I just can’t unsee. Ow. — Jazz (@YasmineBrooke) March 9, 2015

Since it was first posted on World Star Hip-Hop, the video footage of a woman that breaks her leg while using a leg press machine has already been viewed over 517,000 times.

[Image Credit: World Star Hip Hop]