Ben Moynihan Jailed 21 Years: Virgin Teen Angry He Couldn’t Have Sex Lashed Out, Stabbed Three Women

Ben Moynihan was jailed 21 years after the teen lashed out and stabbed three women as revenge for not being able to lose his virginity.

The 18-year-old U.K. resident was convicted of attempted murder in a week-long trial in January. The attacks took place in June and July of last year, with Moynihan targeting three women — aged 20, 45, and 67 — as they walked alone in Portsmouth, stabbing them with a kitchen knife.

Authorities said Moynihan targeted the women because he was furious about not losing his virginity, attempting to stab each of them in the heart.

The teenager later left letters for police that explained his deep hatred for women.

“All women needs [sic] to die and hopefully next time I can gouge their eyeballs out,” wrote Moynihan, who called himself the “unhappy geezer.”

Ben Moynihan also taunted police, saying he took joy in his brutal attacks.

In a separate letter, he wrote: “Every time I stab someone I run home and I like to smell the flesh I ripped out.”

Another letter found by police explained that Moynihan was furious and frustrated that his peers were having sex and he was not.

“I am still a virgin, everyone is losing it before me, that’s why you are my chosen target. I just can’t live in this flat, I have no future here. So women, tell me how we should do this.”

But Moynihan also cried out for help, asking police to come and arrest him before he hurt anyone else.

When police investigated Moynihan’s home, they found that before the attacks he had looked up serial killers, including American Jeffrey Dahmer.

This week, judge Justice Jay ordered Ben Moynihan to be jailed for 21 years for attempted murder, saying at sentencing that the teen had a “gross lack of empathy.”

“The offenses were planned and premeditated,” Jay said. “The contents of your computers were as chilling as they were disturbing.”

The case was reminiscent of the shooting last year near the UC Santa Barbara campus, where Elliot Rodger went on a shooting rampage after years of pent-up rage over being rejected by women. The attack left seven people dead.

While the U.K. attacker may not have killed his victims, the attacks left them permanently scarred. Before Ben Moynihan was jailed 21 years, several victims spoke out about how the attacks impacted their lives. The 67-year-old victim told the court, “My life was completely turned upside down, I did not ask for this change, it was forced upon me by my attacker.”

[Image via Hampshire Constabulary]