Kim Kardashian is Done With Dating Footballers

Kim Kardashian isn’t dating Mark Sanchez according to TMZ – despite what the rumor mill may suggest.

We reported on gossip yesterday that Kardashian and Sanchez were an item. There were suggestions that the pair were seeing each other whenever Kardashian was in New York. Not so, say sources close to the star, and there’s also no truth in her and Tim Tebow having a thing. In fact, the reality star says she’s through with dating footballer players as a whole. And who’s to blame? Reggie Bush, that’s who.

The same sources who spilled the beans over the footballer ban told TMZ that her split with Bush was particularly heart-breaking. As a split with one NFL player was very negative, it goes without saying that relationships with other men who play the same sport will … end, er … the same way? Kardashian logic, I guess.

Anyway, the NFL collective shouldn’t be too disheartened. This is, after all, the woman who said “I do” to Kris Humphries, so we’re not talking about the most committed decision-maker in celeb-land. Speaking of Monsieur Humphries, it’s curious that NBA players have not been announced as out-of-bounds. You’re still in Kim’s Krosshairs, boys. Perhaps Kris did something right after all.

Do you think Kardashian can stick to her new self-imposed rule? And how much do you want her to take up TMZ’s suggestion of dating Tiger Woods? The lack of a ‘K’ in his name won’t be good for branding, but he’s newly available and, going by his reputation, probably feeling frisky at some point in the next fifteen seconds.

[Via TMZ]