Wedding Invitations: Beulah Print Refuses To Print Invitations For Gay Couple

A print company has reportedly refused to design and print wedding invitations for a gay couple because their company does not believe in same-sex marriage.

Jonathan Brennan, a gay man from Ireland, wrote on his Facebook that he was disgusted with the company Beulah Print because they refused to print his and his partner’s wedding invitations.

“I am absolutely discussed [sic] with the treatment I am after receiving from Beulahprint in Drogheda. I have given them my business for over 4 years now and when I asked them to design my wedding invitations he refused as himself and his business partner don’t believe in same sex civil partnerships and homosexuality and they are ‘devoted Christians’ I can’t believe how they can discriminate against gay people. And worst part of it all he comes into my place of work and humiliates me in front of all my staff. Never again will I give them my business.”

Brennan, the owner of Avenue Hair and Beauty salon in the town, is due to wed his partner of eight years, John Kierans, in August. He decided to have Beulah Print design his invitations because he had done business with them for so many years. However, he never thought that he would be publicly humiliated by the company.

“I did not know what to say. I was dumbfounded,” Brennan said, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Despite the backlash and media attention, Beulah Print is standing by their decision to withhold their services from same-sex couples. They took to their Facebook page to release a statement.

“We, at Beulah Print, are Bible-believing Christians who are committed to standing by our conscience and God’s Word. We have been in business for twelve years during which time we have held to our convictions and have at times declined a variety of work which we felt was clearly contrary to our beliefs.”

“We have never hidden our faith from our customers and represent the gospel at every opportunity. We are not against homosexuals however, we do not support same sex marriage, which printing wedding invitations would do. We believe the love of God is extended to all people and that He has called us all to walk in the light of His word, for He is the way, the truth and the life.”

So, will legal action come against the print company? According to the Irish Independent, Brennan explained that the couple would be seeking legal advice to determine whether or not to file a discrimination case.

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[Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images]