March 8, 2015
Animal Abuse: Dog Walker Recorded Kicking And Throwing Pet By Leash, Confronted By Person Recording Incident, Argument Ensued [Video]

A dog walker in Saginaw County, Michigan has been captured on video seemingly abusing the dog that he was walking. As the dog walker rounded a corner with the canine, he was observed picking the dog up by the leash, tossing it around by the leash, and kicking it when the poor pooch would not react in the way he wanted it to. A bystander saw the animal abuse and began to record the incident with his cellular phone, as well as confront the dog walker. The verbal exchange became escalated and the footage was eventually released to the police, resulting in the dog walkers arrest for animal abuse.

The incident of animal abuse took place in Bay City, Michigan, in Saginaw County, when Gene C. Zube Jr. was walking a poodle-shih tzu mix named Princess. The dog was not acting in a manner that he deemed acceptable, so he decided to teach her a lesson by pulling on her leash, tossing her around, and kicking her in an attempt to show her that he is the boss. WFSB Eyewitness News 3 reported that a bystander, Mark Duggar, saw Zube mistreat the dog and felt as though he needed to record the incident and confront the man.

Duggar stated that Zube came "around the corner picking up his dog by the leash and throwing it around." During the confrontation, the verbal exchange became heated and Zube felt as though he was in danger. Eventually, the police were notified and Zube was mandated to appear before the Bay County District Judge on charges of animal abuse.

According to MLive, Zube pleaded no contest to the charges neglect of cruelty to an animal. If found guilty, he faces a $500 fine and up to 90 days in prison. In addition to the video evidence of his abuse, Princess was in poor health and was shown to officers. Police reports revealed that Princess was treated in a manner opposite her namesake and was "crawling with fleas, missing fur, has two eye infections, and favoring her left hind leg,"

Zube is not allowed to be in the presence of an animal, as per the conditions of his bond. Princess is now in the possession of a foster home, awaiting a forever family that is willing to care for her. Vet records shared that her health was so bad that she will require medical treatment for the remainder of her life.

"Princess in dire need of a dental operation approx 10 teeth need to be removed, some roots exposed. Princess in need of cherry eye removal. Bay Animal to provide quote for above procedures. She is being treated for flea infestation, eye infection, mouth infection, wounds under both eyes, a condition called dry eye in which she will need meds for rest of life."
Zuber is expected to be sentenced on April 9, at 8:30 a.m.

[Photo Courtesy: MLive]