New Chocolate Toy Offers Pleasure And Artificial Insemination At The Same Time

A new chocolate sex toy, which simultaneously feels great and offers artificial insemination at the same time, has been invented by Stephanie Berman, a reproductive health expert from Boston.

Berman shared that when she and her girlfriend went to the doctor’s office to talk about having a child as a lesbian couple, the only real option available to them was a turkey baster, or some similar contraption.

Following that doctor’s visit, Berman decided to invent an alternative, which she called Semenette, which now retails for just under $140.

Berman talked about it more during a recent interview.

“The only options other than going to a doctor’s office would be with a turkey baster or a needle-less syringe. We started using those types of things and quickly realized it was as awful as it sounds. There is nothing romantic or sexy and fun about trying to impregnate your wife with a turkey baster.”

The now-proud mother-of-one said that following the turkey baster incident, she and her partner decided there had to be a better way, and so was born the new chocolate sex toy.

As well as that, despite the fact that the toy was designed with lesbians in mind in terms of artificial insemination, it can also be used by heterosexual couples as well. Berman explained further.

“When my wife and I wanted to start a family, we thought about our options and weren’t necessarily happy with any of them. I started thinking, what if I could recreate the technology that a turkey baster would provide, but in the form of a sex toy? That would be the perfect scenario – it would not only allow both partners to be really involved in the process, but it would allow for privacy and authenticity and intimacy.”

So successful is the new product that it has already been purchased and used by transgender and transsexual couples, men with erectile dysfunction, and others who simply, “enjoy the sensation” of the Semenette.

And while the product has already done well, the all-new 2.0 version promises to be even better, offering a wider variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

As the company website explains, “Up to this point, we [have] manufactured 500 units in three realistic colors, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Chocolate. With your contribution, we will manufacture the Semenette V2 in new non-realistic color options (tell us what color you want to see), make different sizes of the toy, larger bulbs… and use a softer silicone to enhance the comfort and feel of the toy.”