Nathan Griffith Wants Back With Jenelle Evans? Posts Sad Tweet About Missing Someone

Does Nathan Griffith already want back with Jenelle Evans? On Saturday morning, Nathan posted a sad tweet in which he admitted that he’s missing someone and always thinking about that person.

The Teen Mom 2 couple sure has had a tumultuous couple of days. As reported by E! News, Nathan, Jenelle’s fiance and father of her younger son, was arrested on Wednesday for domestic violence. The two apparently had a fight, possibly about him cheating, and Jenelle left to spend the night at a hotel. When she came back the next morning, he reportedly wouldn’t let her leave until she gave him back the engagement ring.

The police report obtained by E! News alleges that when Jenelle wouldn’t give the ring back, Nathan pinned her “up on the toilet seat” and “wrestle[d]” her to give it back. Nathan allegedly ripped the ring off her finger, causing her to bleed. The police report further stated that MTV’s Teen Mom 2 filming security crew rushed inside when they heard Jenelle’s screaming, but then later told police that they didn’t actually witness anything.

According to a Radar Online article posted on Friday, Nathan Griffith actually wanted out of his relationship with Jenelle Evans for a while now, ever since he made the mistake of proposing to her in early January while on vacation. According to a source, it was Nathan’s desire to get rid of Jenelle that set the violent incident that led to his arrest in motion.

“Nathan has been trying to leave Jenelle since they got engaged. Nathan has been trying to push Jenelle away for months but it keeps backfiring on him. He tries to leave her but then she says she’s going to blackmail him. She threatens to tell everyone about the skeletons in his closet…Nathan thought if he said he was cheating that Jenelle would get mad enough at him to leave. He isn’t cheating on her, he just tried to get her to make a move, but it all backfires on him. He tries to leave and she stands in front of his truck. There is nothing he can do.”

The Radar Online article also revealed that Nathan told the police officers responding to the scene that it was he who was being physically abused by Jenelle. The police report states that Nathan “did make statements about [Evans] always being violent with him” and that “he has marks from other altercations.” The report continues to state that Nathan “did show the [responding officer] marks on his back,” yet when the responding officer asked him if he called the police, he said he did not because he didn’t want to get Jenelle in trouble.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was only last week that Jenelle publicly announced her love for Nathan, after her own arrest for driving with a suspended license.

So far, Jenelle Evans is still portraying that she isn’t bothered by what happened with Nathan Griffith. The Teen Mom 2 star’s social media accounts have been filled with upbeat and positive posts since the incident. She also retweeted a tweet from her public relations Twitter account, which stated that she’s concentrating on school and her kids and thanks her fans for their support.

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