Woman Returns Home With Four Eyebrows After Botched Tattoo Work

A 22-year-old woman has been left with four eyebrows after some botched tattoo work at a beauty parlor in Manchester, UK.

Unlike the picture above, which shows what may be considered to be a “perfect” eyebrow, Delsha Campbell was shocked after she left the beautician, who had assured her that the semi-permanent brows would fade in time.

When she stopped by the salon, Campbell intended to have her eyebrows filled in order to make them look neater. But when the beautician inked the fake brows above her waxed off original brows, Campbell, a coffee shop manager, was “gobsmacked.”

To make matters worse, the tattoos, which were supposed to fade, are still there two years later.

Campbell decided to go ahead with the work when she found a voucher online offering a price of $400 to have it done at a particular salon. This was a decision she later regretted.

She told reporters, “For months I was too ashamed of my face to even go outside the house. I was so depressed I ended up seeking counselling.”

Even though Campbell said she let her eyebrows grow in order to offer a guide for the tattooist, she reportedly waxed off most of the brow before inking, leading to the botched job.

Campbell added, talking about the effect the suffered, “I looked like a clown. I was gobsmacked, speechless. I couldn’t believe what she’d done to me. I had to constantly pluck my natural brows out but I often had shadows. When I went out I could see people staring at me trying to make out why I had four eyebrows. I was so upset I couldn’t eat and began losing weight. I lost two stone. I couldn’t face work. I became a recluse.”

For the time being, Campbell said she has no choice but to cover the tattoos with makeup in a bid to look at least half normal.