Antwana Muhammad: Mom, Boyfriend Pimp Teen Daughter Out Online

Antwana Muhammad won’t be considered mother of the year after she was arrested, along with her boyfriend, for allegedly pimping out Antwana’s biological teen daughter in Perris, California.

KTLA is reporting that 38-year-old Antwana Muhammad and her boyfriend, Charles Anthony Smith, 32, were arrested on Friday after a task force investigation revealed that the mother was allowing her boyfriend to set up sex meetings between her two daughters and grown men online. Online, one of her daughters is a legal adult, the other is a 14-year-old girl.

Law enforcement officials say Charles Smith would post the ads at an online sex site, and then Antwana Muhammad would transport her daughter to the location, where the sex would take place. She also schooled her daughter on what sex acts should be performed with the men, according to the Press Enterprise.

After gathering sufficient evidence, police honed in on Muhammad’s location and arrested her and her boyfriend. Both are charged with human trafficking of a minor. Police also searched the couple’s home, where they gathered a wealth of evidence against them. Smith and Muhammad were transported to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, where they sit on $250,000 bond.

News of this mother’s alleged involvement in pimping out her daughter has good mothers across the nation fuming with anger. Many wonder how a mother could put her own daughter in harms way, let alone schooling the daughter on how to perform sexual acts with strangers.

The Antwana Muhammad case is similar to another case the Inquisitr reported on last year, involving Jennifer Lee Wilson, a Washington mother who pimped out her daughter as a prostitute for paying clients. In that case, the mother placed ads on to recruit men wanting sex with an underage child. Jennifer Lee Wilson taught her daughter how to have sex with the men through text messages. The Inquisitr also reported on the case of Yolanda Ostoloza, who was arrested for the same type of crime.

Law enforcement authorities and task forces across the nation are doing everything possible to crack down on human sex trafficking cases, and the actual number of mothers who are prostituting their own teenage daughters is staggering. Here is what some people think about a mother who would pimp out her own daughter.

“there are sick people who would do anything for drugs. To use your child for your own sick proplems you deserve everything the law throws at you here on earth”

“I say she should burn in hell the sooner the better”

“sick and sad”

“My heart breaks for that child…she has been robbed of a childhood.”

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