Skyrim Creation Kit coming next week, Bethesda says

Skyrim patch 1.4 was recently released on Steam, and with it came support for Steam Workshop–but the tool that would make use of the Steam Workshop, the Creation Kit modding utility, wasn’t released along with it.

According to Bethesda’s Pete Hines, that is set to change next week. After several months of waiting, Hines said in a tweet that the Creation Kit is on track to release on Steam next Tuesday, February 7.

Hines also teased a surprise to go along with the Creation Kit. He said: “For our Skyrim PC fans, the Creation Kit is on track for release on Tuesday. And, we also have a special surprise with it. #whatcoulditbe!?”

To give you an idea of what you can expect to be able to do with Skyrim‘s Creation Kit when it launches next week, Bethesda recently released a video that runs you through the program’s basics, and how the Steam Workshop integration will work.

For more information on that, check out the Skyrim Creation Kit developer diary below.