Louis Tomlinson Voted Higher Than Mean U.K. Politician

Are you obsessed with Louis Tomlinson’s hair and style? Evidently, his perfectly coiffed style is much more popular than a very disliked top politician in Louis Tomlinson’s home country of England. Of course, Louis Tomlinson is back in London after being on the road in Australia and Japan for performance dates — and dealing with the fact that Zayn Malik might go solo.

Now that he is back home, Louis Tomlinson is back in the headlines in England. Lately, comments in the media about One Direction and individual members like Louis Tomlinson have been a matter of opinion — but as the Guardian UK is fond of saying, “comment is free.”

Do you think Louis Tomlinson is always looking sharp no matter where he is photographed? There is a good reason that Louis Tomlinson always looks so photogenic, and it has to do with his stylist. As part of the One Direction team since day one, stylist Caroline Watson gave a tell-all to The Muse. In it, Watson states the following about Louis Tomlinson.

“I love working with someone like Louis as well, because Louis is very laid-back in his style…. He knows, when it comes to a red carpet, he’s gotta look sharp. And he comes and he turns it up and I cannot fault him. I love him to pieces and he’s just amazing to dress.”

Meanwhile, back in England, the media has declared that he is more popular than the less-than-laid-back Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition, politician Ed Miliband. Who is this politician and how is he less popular than Louis Tomlinson? Believe it or not, this issue was voted on.

In England, Ed Miliband has painted a picture of himself as unfriendly to the elderly and people living with disabilities — and this kind of nasty attitude (one would think) would naturally make Louis Tomlinson a shoo in. Proving again and again that he is far more charitable than Miliband, in early September, Louis Tomlinson got up early in the morning the day after Niall Horan’s birthday to play a charity football match where he got injured. The Sydney Morning Herald stated that it was a benefit for, “Bulgarian player Stiliyan Petrov, diagnosed last year with acute leukemia.”

On top of that, One Direction (called one of the most charitable music acts) has donated money to people living with intellectual disabilities through an organization called DoSomething.org. One Direction is also reported by Able2UK as donating over 200,000 pounds to the charity Stand Up To Cancer.

How shrewd is this Ed Miliband character compared to Louis Tomlinson? The situation is so severe that the National Health Service in England wrote an open letter to Ed Miliband and spoke of his extreme cruelty in regards to budget cuts to the elderly and people living with disabilities. The letter published in The Independent UK stated the following.

“The list could go on, and the anxieties of people working at the front line of the health and care services are well-known. The NHS and our social care services are at breaking point and things cannot go on like this. An NHS deficit of 30 billion pounds is predicted by 2020 – a funding black hole that must be filled.”

In addition to the popularity of Louis Tomlinson versus Ed Miliband being an obvious choice, the media in the U.K. took it one step further by offering the situation up for a vote.

Louis Tomlinson’s hometown of Doncaster, England, recently did a poll on the 50 most powerful people in the area. The politician Miliband is from Doncaster, but he was listed as fourth most powerful behind Louis Tomlinson. The Doncaster Free Press lists local mayor, Ros Jones, as number one followed by city council member, Jo Miller. Louis Tomlinson was voted third and the Doncaster Free Press states that last year, he was actually at number 2.

This means that Louis Tomlinson has slipped in the ranks as most powerful in Doncaster. Ed Miliband, on the other hand, rose two full points on the list. What will happen in 2016 for the most powerful in Doncaster list? As it appears, Ed Miliband is running for the top elected seat in the U.K. — Prime Minister. Sadly, this could mean that Louis Tomlinson, despite being a far more charitable man, could lose popularity points to the out-of-control disability budget cutter — Ed Miliband.

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