WWE News: Is The Brock Lesnar Walkout All A Work To Build Up Roman Reigns’ Babyface Status?

For the past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of talk as to whether Brock Lesnar will ever show his face in WWE again. Some even believe he could no-show WrestleMania 31, and not appear for his main event match against Roman Reigns. It’s even gone as far as to have reports of Vince McMahon stating he would sue Lesnar if he didn’t show, but is it all a work?

It’s obvious that there is trouble between WWE and Lesnar, but is it real? The negative reaction that Roman Reigns has had the past couple of months is worse than what Batista received last year, and that’s just bad.

Does @WWE actually hate their own audience? I’ve never been so disgusted with a PPV.

— Mick Foley (@realmickfoley) January 27, 2014

So could WWE be turning the “smart” and “mark” fans against Lesnar and making him a true heel? Are they actually doing a great job of making Lesnar seem like such an arrogant and money-hungry fiend that everyone will hate him and cheer Reigns?

Let’s take a look at everything that has happened in the past couple of months.

Back in January, Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble and the right to take on Brock Lesnar in the main event at WrestleMania 31. Anyone that watched the pay-per-view knows that both the live crowd and the Internet did not like that end result.

In fact, they booed Reigns out of the building that night.

WWE said they weren’t going to put Daniel Bryan into the WrestleManiamain event like last year, but they had to do something. To supposedly appease the fans, the match between Bryan and Reigns was made for Fastlane with the winner going on to fight Lesnar.

Reigns went on to win that match at Fastlane and keep his main event spot. It was a good match, but fans still weren’t happy, and that was when it happened.

Brock Lesnar was scheduled to appear on Raw, but he had an issue backstage with Vince McMahon and walked out. Reports came out that it was about money and that he definitely wasn’t going to re-sign with the company.

Then, Lesnar showed up at UFC 184 and had a meeting with President Dana White. It just seemed like that was the absolute beginning of the end and he was indeed leaving WWE and may even no-show WrestleMania 31.

McMahon said he would sue Lesnar for breach of contract if he didn’t fulfill his remaining dates. WrestleZone even said that the “smart wrestling” fans were beginning to really turn on Lesnar.

“With the current Brock Lesnar WWE drama creating a big buzz online, his reaction at WrestleMania could be met with the same type of reaction he and Bill Goldberg got during their match at WrestleMania 20.”

That was when both Lesnar and Goldberg were met with extreme heat from the crowd. The only thing they cheered was when special guest ref Stone Cold Steve Austin took out both men after it was over.

Ever since Lesnar had started destroying John Cena every time they stepped into the ring together, he was getting a huge pop from the crowd. Actually, he started to get the Steve Austin reaction which means they cheered him whether he did things they loved or hated.

Now, fans of all types are turning on Brock Lesnar. More fans are warming up to Roman Reigns and beginning to take to him like they did when he was a member of The SHIELD. It could end up resulting in a huge reaction for him when he steps out from backstage for his main event match in a few weeks.

It’s still believed that Brock Lesnar will end up re-signing with WWE once his current deal is up in a few weeks, but maybe he already has. Maybe a deal is already in place and all of this controversy is a total work to get Roman Reigns over as WrestleMania 31 draws near. Whatever is really going on, WWE’s hopes for Reigns are starting to finally become a reality.

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