Decapitated Animals Found On Sacramento Streets Amid Cult Fears

A number of decapitated animals have been found amid the streets of Sacramento recently, leading authorities to voice fears that the bizarre mutilations may be the work of a local cult or religious group.

Earlier this week, the third decapitation in five days was uncovered, according to News 10, when a reporter stumbled upon a bag of mutilated chickens near a set of railroad tracks. Last Wednesday, six decapitated goats were discovered in the northern part of Sacramento, while just two days later a pair of baby goats that had been mutilated in likewise fashion turned up near 19th and V Streets.

Last fall, a cow’s head was discovered at Reichmuth Park, and since the beginning of January, no less than six incidents involving decapitated animals have been reported. A maimed rabbit and several other decapitated chickens have been found in separate incidents, as the Daily Mail reports.

Several of the animals have been discovered in Reichmuth Park, while the most recent incident occurred near the 5400 Block of Riverside Boulevard. Describing the incident, Gina Knepp, director of the Front Street Animal Shelter, explained that the decapitated animals have been found along with a bewildering array of objects.

“There was a cardboard box. An animal control officer responded about 5:30 p.m., found a box with a full-sized hen that had been decapitated. (The) head was in the box,” she said. “Also a younger small hen in the box, also decapitated, five one-dollar bills, a paper plate. None of this makes any sense.”

Authorities have reached out to local residents for leads, many of whom have reported their belief that a cult may be responsible for the strange decapitations.

“A lot of tipsters have been calling in, giving us information about local cults, religious groups, nothing solid,” Knepp asserted.

James Allison, who lives in the area, called the decapitations “Bizarre beyond words.” He pointed out that anyone on his particular road would have to deliberately seek the area out, as it is not highly traveled.

In 2013, similar discoveries were made in South Beach, Miami. As the Inquisitr previously reported, a goat and several chickens were found decapitated after their bodies were disposed of in Biscayne Bay.

Though some protections could be in place if the animal decapitations are tied to a religious practice, Knepp asserted that charges of improper disposal, illegal dumping, and possibly even felony animal cruelty could be filed by Sacramento authorities.

[Image: News 10 via the Daily Mail ]