'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: Will Amelia Finally Ask Her Brother Derek For Help? [Video]

Since Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Herman arc revealed that Derek Sheperd's little sister, Amelia, was going to be the doctor to save her from her monster of a tumor, the show has delved into the rough spot that Amelia has put herself in.

Will she pull off the surgery and handle the impossible tumor, or is she in way over her head? We haven't really found out this answer because they've been waiting for Herman's tumor to grow into the optic nerve before they go into the operating room. Last week's episode saw Amelia cracking a bit under the pressure right before she entered the operating room. If she made one thing certain, it was that she didn't want any help from her older brother Derek, who was the head of neuro before he left for D.C. to work for the president.

Tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy sees Amelia at the center of the story, as she makes the first cut into Dr. Herman. As it turns out, Amelia doubts herself at the worst possible moment, even though she's been sure of herself despite the huge undertaking. From the clip that ABC has released for tonight, it looks like Amelia really needs her brother.

In a tense moment, Dr. Webber comes into the operating room to ask if Amelia could use help. Amelia, looking scared out of her mind and quite frazzled, tells Webber to kill the intercom so that the other doctors won't be able to hear her from the gallery above.

Absolutely terrified, Amelia voices the only opinion she didn't want to hear episodes leading up to this moment, which was that she didn't want to need her older, possibly more experienced brother, Derek.

"You could be a big help. I need you to call my brother. Tell him he needs to get on a plane. He's in D.C. so if he goes not he could be here in six, seven hours. I made a mistake. I took on an impossible task, and my hubris is going to kill her."
In the clip she continues to beg Webber: "Please -- get him on the phone. Get him on a plane. Get him here, now."

Do you think Amelia will have to rely on her own skill for the remainder of the surgery? Or do you think Webber will call on Derek to help her through a conference call? Better yet, do you think Dr. Herman will survive the daunting surgery?

[Image via ABC]