U.S. Ambassador Attacked And Injured In Seoul [Video]

U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert was attacked in Seoul by a man with a razor blade as he screamed, “North and South Korea should be reunified!!” CNN reports that Lippert sustained injuries to his face and his hand. Marie Harf, a State Department spokeswoman stated that Lipperts injuries are not life threatening and that he is currently in stable condition.

According to Yahoo! News, Lippert was just about to deliver a speech at a breakfast event being held at Sejong Cultural Institute in central Seoul. Lippert appeared to be in shock as photos show him holding his bloodied face.

Lippert was immediately surrounded and escorted from the building to a nearby police car where he was then rushed for treatment at a local hospital.

Security and police wasted no time in grabbing and capturing the attacker, who appeared to be a man in his mid 50s and only identified by his surname, Kim. This man is currently being detained and under investigation.

Before becoming U.S. Ambassador last year, Lippert was the U.S. Assistant Secretary Defense for Asian Affairs, and has hence spent much time in Seoul. Lippert and his wife have spent a large amount of time in Seoul, and his wife even gave birth to their child there, as reported by the Associated Press. The Lipperts gave their newborn son a Korean middle name.

Lippert has been known as a very close confidant to President Obama since 2005. The two have remained close for all these years. So, it is understood that the news of the U.S. Ambassador’s attack in Seoul greatly disturbed Obama.

CNN reports that President Obama called Lippert after the attack to send his thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.

“We strongly condemn this act of violence,” said Obama.

[Photo Credit: MSN.com]