Amy Winehouse’s Death Inquiry Second Guessed as Coroner Resigns

Although it seemed that the final chapter of the often sad life and very premature death of singer Amy Winehouse closed with her autopsy, cremation and funeral, it appears that the wound of the loss of their daughter will be reopened for the Winehouse family as some very troubling questions have emerged about the qualifications of the woman who served as coroner on Winehouse’s death inquest.

The findings from the investigation into Winehouse’s death were made public in a hearing at St Pancras Coroner’s Court in London back at the end of last October, but what the Winehouse family- as well as the general public- did not know was that the coroner responsible for ruling Winehouse’s death to be due to alcohol poisoning and “misadventure” soon resigned after serious questions were raised regarding fitness to perform her job. Suzanne Greenaway’s name became widely notable following her role in the investigation into Winehouse’s cause of death, and it was soon revealed- not publicly- that she had been appointed to the position by her husband, Andrew Reid, in 2009.

What was also discovered was that Greenaway sorely lacked in qualifications required to perform her job. While five years at the Law Society are one requirement, Greenaway logged fewer than three. And though being a “qualified medical professional” is another necessity, Greenaway’s standing as a nurse in her native Australia “fell short” of what is expected to adequately perform duties as a coroner.

Her husband has since admitted his error in hiring Greenaway, saying:

“I believed at the time that her experience as a solicitor and barrister in Australia satisfied the requirements of the post. In November of last year it became apparent that I had made an error in the appointment process and I accepted her resignation.”

It seems Reid did not violate any laws with the questionable hire of Greenaway, but the revelation has upset the Winehouse family- who are reportedly reviewing their legal options in the wake of the news. It is said that while the investigation into Winehouse’s death could be re-opened, as of now, it is not thought to be a likely outcome.