‘GTA V’ Online:Tips To Prepare For Upcoming Heists

For those counting, heists launch in Grand Theft Auto V in six days. Players have spent hundreds of hours honing their skills in GTA V’s online mode, but what about those who are just now busting into the social version of Los Santos? Thanks to the Internet, you can get a head start in GTA V. There are a lot of great resources online to help a player who wants some more in-depth help with GTA V’s online mode. But for those looking for a few quick GTA tips, here are a few great ones.

Steal Cars

GTA V Online Police Tips To Evade
Steal a car in plain site and a Los Santos police officer might be hounding you in GTA Online.

The name of the game is Grand Theft Auto, after all, so of course a great way to earn some money would be to do just that. According to US Gamer, boosting cars in GTA V is a great, low-risk way to start earning money. It basically involves finding a suitable car and getting it to a chop shop safely. Driving in GTA V can often times lead to running red lights, jumping curves, and weaving in-and-out of traffic, but the safer you get the ride back to the shop, the more money you can earn. According to their GTA V guide, an average price range can be from 3K-8K per car. Just stay away from the high end cars and stick to the coupes and SUVs in GTA.

Robbing Places

For those feeling a little more adventurous, you could rob some stores in GTA. Or even an armored truck. Thanks to the community at GTA Forums, they’ve included a few ways to make this a little easier. Wearing a mask is always a good idea in GTA V, especially to evade the eventual police that will be tailing you soon enough. Make sure if you hit an armored truck that you’re prepared with armor and an arsenal befitting a GTA heist artist. Finally, keep your getaway vehicle close by. Perhaps bring a helicopter?

GTA V Online Heists
Wear a mask to help keep people from identifying you to the police in GTA V Online

Deposit Money Regularly

There are other people in Los Santos playing GTA V with you, and they all might not be nice. While this might seem like a no-brainer, it can be so simple that it’s easily forgotten. Depositing money means it’ll be in the bank for you later, especially if you run into a nasty PvPer whose whole purpose is to end your GTA V experience. If you get taken out with all that money on you, you’ll be starting these jobs all over again.

With Rockstar bringing more modes with the heists to GTA V, knowing your way around Los Santos and how to stay financed will be key in carrying out those missions. Grand Theft Auto Online can be a cruel learning experience, but it can also be an extremely fun alternative to the base game. Honing your skills in GTA can make you one of the most feared crew members in San Andreas, making other players chomp at the bit to put you on their GTA V heist roster.

Have some more tips for fellow Grand Theft Auto V players? Share your GTA V success stories in the comment below.

[Images via Rockstar]