ABC's 'The Bachelor' 2015 Spoilers: Chris Soules Finale Brings Indecision, Happy Ending

The finale of ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season is set to air Monday, March 9 and Chris Soules will be presenting his final rose to either Whitney Bischoff or Becca Tilley. Fans have seen the previews and Reality Steve's spoilers, but now some new details are emerging. What Bachelor spoilers does ABC tease about the final episode?

Though often these final dates take place in an exotic location, Season 19 with Chris Soules has been different. Becca and Whitney will head back to Iowa to meet with the Soules family and have their last dates in Iowa before the final rose ceremony. Bachelor spoilers indicate that Whitney will share an emotional toast with Chris' family during her meeting that completely wins them over. However, when Chris is alone with his dad, he will admit that he feels very strongly for both Becca and Whitney.

Becca has held back and shared some reservations throughout her time with Chris, and that seemingly continues in her meeting with the Soules family. Bachelor spoilers reveal that Chris' family will be skeptical about whether Tilley is really prepared to embrace a life in Arlington, Iowa. However, they can see that Chris is going to have a hard time saying goodbye to her.

Chris is going to face some emotional moments in this Season 19 finale as he tries to determine which path to follow. There will be tough conversations ahead as Soules goes on final dates with both Becca and Whitney. Bachelor spoilers tease that Chris' time with Becca will be spent trying to pin down where they stand in their relationship. Previews have already shown that this will include some difficult moments for both of them.

Whitney didn't get to see Arlington the last time the show was filming in Iowa, as she had a one-on-one date with Chris in Des Moines. During Monday's finale, however, Bachelor spoilers indicate that she gets to see Chris' house and get a sense of life on the farm. She lays it all on the line by telling him she's totally in love with him, and she's already said she's committed to this. Will that ease Chris' concerns or raise red flags?

Chris has said he is in love and indicated via People that he and his chosen lady think it will be "refreshing to get on with life together." Most expect, however, that Chris will be showing up on the spring season of Dancing With the Stars just as Sean Lowe did after his season, so that regular life may have to go on hold for a bit yet.

Reality Steve's spoilers have said that Chris Soules' final rose goes to Whitney Bischoff and recent reports seem to reinforce that Bachelor spoiler. Is that indeed how it will all play out during ABC's The Bachelor 2015 finale airing on Monday, March 9?

[Images via Craig Sjodin/ABC]