‘Suits’ Spoilers, Renewal News: Season 4 Finale Brings Aftermath Of Harvey’s Big Declaration

The Season 4 finale of Suits airs Wednesday night on the USA Network, and fans are anxious to know what to expect. There is a big case ahead that will push Harvey Specter to confront some things from his past. Donna seemingly will be key in this one, but everybody on the canvas has a lot to deal with it seems. What Suits spoilers are available for the March 4 finale?

The Season 4, Episode 16 show is titled “Not Just A Pretty Face.” As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Billy Miller from General Hospital and The Young and the Restless will be popping up as Harvey’s brother, Marcus Specter. Suits spoilers indicate that Sean Cahill is working on his case against Charles Forstman and Eric Woodall. However, he needs some help and he turns to Harvey to get it.

Of course the Season 4 finale isn’t just about Cahill’s case. Louis is facing a crisis and he needs Donna’s help. Then, of course, there is Harvey’s emotional scene with Donna that took place at the end of the last episode. He told Donna he loves her, but fans know their relationship is a complicated one. Where do Donna and Harvey go from there?

Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna, tells Entertainment Tonight that Harvey’s words aren’t necessarily big news for either of them. However, he’s now said it out loud and it has to be dealt with in some manner. Rafferty says, though, that what Harvey said will definitely be addressed rather than swept under the rug.

A Suits spoiler sneak peek shared on the show’s Facebook page takes viewers back to the moment when Harvey and Donna first met. Though there have been tidbits shared regarding this relationship over the show’s run, nobody has seen these first moments until now. It certainly explains a lot about the pair’s dynamic and viewers can’t wait to see more.

Another preview teases Harvey saying that something is over and that the firm is forever changed. While of course the editing makes it seem that this is in reference to Mike and his lack of an actual law degree, it would seem there’s far more to this tease than that. Will fans be left hanging? Chances are they will, but luckily it’s already known that there is more ahead.

The USA Network has already shared that Season 5 is on the way thanks to a Suits renewal. Fans may have to wait a bit yet for new episodes, as in the past the new seasons have premiered over the summer in June or July. No matter how Season 4 ends, though, fans can breathe knowing that more is on the way.

Tune in to the Season 4 Suits finale titled “Not Just A Pretty Face” airing on Wednesday, March 4 on the USA Network to see just what happens with Harvey, Donna, Mike, Rachel, Louis, and the rest.

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